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Material Selection

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Mother Earth can only handle so much.

As a company it is important to consider her Voice.

Photo:  Jamie Street

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leathers go through a timely and skillful dye process using plant-based techniques instead of harmful chromes and chemicals.  The water consumed in the process is environmentally friendly and the final product is naturally biodegradable.  Vegetable tanning also results in sturdier and more breathable leathers as well as deeper, earthier color tones compared to traditional chrome tanning.  It is still the most sustainable and responsible real leather on the market.

Deadstock Goods

As the second most pollutive industry on the planet, fashion discards a shameful amount of material every year.  In order to reverse some of this waste, we source quality deadstock materials that would otherwise contribute to a deeper carbon footprint.  Our hope is to give deadstock goods a repurposed life.

PVC-Free Faux Leather

We are proud to feature a new material for the bulk of this season’s uppers. Enviroleather utilizes sustainable fabric technology to create a faux leather textile that exhibits all of the traditional features of real leather (texture, durability, softness, and stretch) without the harmful toxic additives. The major compositional difference of Enviroleather is TPE, which is an eco friendly polymer as opposed to a typical plasticized PVC (found in vinyl). Minimizing PVC concludes in less plastic in our landfills, less toxins in our air, and simply a cleaner environment for us all.