Behavior LA


Earth Day 2018: Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy's work reflects the principles that guide what Earth Day is about.  That nature should be regarded, is beautiful, and is sensitive. His pieces remind us of the infinite possibilities that exist in nature herself, on her own, as well as the juxtaposition of being both delicate and forceful.  

Andy is known for utilizing his natural surroundings to create a piece, including his own body, for 100% of his creation.  With each natural element, he discovers rhythms in his environment to make something organic, harmonious, and beautiful.  His work is meticulously calculated, and meant to leave an impression on the viewer, not the canvas, in regards to the environment and time.  

For Earth Day (April 22), in support of this year's theme to end plastic pollution, Behavior LA will be donating 15% of all weekend sales to the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Less plastic in this world means there's more room for art like this.

Have a lovely Earth Day. x

jennifer lee